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More debt relief programs available: Because of the recession more American consumers are troubled (literally) from credit card debt. Many of these decide to search for professional help and over the many years movement, the number of companies offered to provide that aid has increased. In addition to relief businesses and even programs to choose from, you may have two different varieties of assistance to choose from. You can go with the settlement or even consolidation. As stated over, the settlement is best at the moment, and this is because of typically the recession and weak economy; more credit card companies are willing to settle for a lesser amount of.
A Home Loan to Help You Sell or Buy Your Fixer-Upper
December 30, 2008
Looking to buy or sell a home in need of repair? A little-known home loan may help you buy or sell that fixer upper and pay for the necessary repairs texas title loan why not try this out TexasTitleLoan ʢ◉□◉ʡ.

California Home Values and Property Taxes: Are the Laws What They Should Be?
December 22, 2008
California is once again rethinking Proposition 13, the law that bases home property taxes on the purchase price of a house. Will a new property tax law pass?

California Home Values Are Falling: Can There Be an Upside?
September 30, 2008
Home sale prices are down and most people have seen a loss of home value in their neighborhood. Can there be a hidden benefit?

VA Home Loans Are Making a Comeback
September 22, 2008
Buying a home has become harder to do as lending guidelines have become stricter. If you are a veteran, you may find you have the best chance of all in becoming a home owner.

Home Selling and Home Buying in Fire Prone Areas
September 15, 2008
Home buying and home selling become more complicated in fire prone areas.
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Today’s Featured Article
A Home Loan to Help You Sell or Buy Your Fixer-Upper
By Sheryl Landrum
Home Worth Columnist

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Almost 60% of homes purchased today are bank-owned. While the house price may seem appealing, usually the repairs and TLC needed to bring the house into decent shape or market value can be prohibitive for many would-be home buyers or home sellers. Now, however, a little-known home loan may just help home buying and home selling become that much easier.
Streamline K Home Loans
The Streamline K home loan is a faster version of the FHA’s home-rehabilitation loan product, 203(k). As with all FHA loans, the government insures the lenders who make them against loss should a home loan go into default. What this loan offers home buyers is the ability to add up to $35,000 to the home loan for necessary repairs or renovations to your fixer-upper. What it means to home sellers is the ability to refinance and use the $35,000 to make the necessary repairs and improvements to make your home more attractive to would-be buyers. So, what do you need to know?
Streamline K Home Loan Basics
Whether you are buying or selling a home and using a Streamline K home loan, here are the basics:
• As in all FHA home loans, mortgage limits max out at $729,750 until the end of 2008.
• FHA underwriting guidelines are followed.
• The program is designed for repairs that are minor and non-structural. However, you are allowed to repair the roof, plumbing, electrical, buy new appliances etc.
• You are not allowed to do room additions and site improvements such as landscaping your yard.
• Home repairs need to be completed in less than six months and no more than two contractors can be used.
• If the work cost exceeds $l5,000, a final inspection is required by the lender.
• Even if you are a contractor, you cannot be paid for work done to your own home.
This is a great program for those home sellers who are trying to increase their home’s value in a tight market. It is also great for those homeowners who would like to buy a house but have no funds for home repairs after they move in. With the ability to access Streamline K funds, the program may even stimulate a sagging housing market. To find out more about Streamline K, go to and search for Streamline K for exact details on how you and your house can qualify for these home improvement funds. Then find a reputable lender who’s up to speed on these special home loans.

The San Diego Union Tribune, Sunday, July 19, 2008, Uncle Sam’s Little-Known Loans Worth a Second Look, by Lew Sichelman