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Choosing a minute that suits our needs is a real challenge. Helpful in this may include rankings prepared by experts. Occasional rankings are a list of loans most frequently recommended by clients. They include terms and loan period, maximum loan amount and APRC.

The purpose of the minute – do we have to declare, for what purpose do we borrow money?

The purpose of the minute - do we have to declare, for what purpose do we borrow money?

People rarely talk openly about what they want to borrow money for. Many people want to receive cash simply – without translating from their financial or life situation. Loan companies, in order to meet the clients’ expectations, offer loans for any purpose. The borrower does not have to declare what the borrowed funds are to be allocated to. In addition, repaying the incurred liability on time has its advantages. It allows you to build a positive credit history, which increases the chances of getting another commitment. In addition, some loan companies offer regular customers a higher loan amount with each subsequent contracted liability or extended loan period.

The first minute for free – we are reaching for it the most

The first minute for free - we are reaching for it the most

A loan for free is a popular service offered by non-bank companies. Is the commitment really completely free? Yes, provided that it is the first loan in a given company and that it will be repaid on time. In the case of untimely repayment of liabilities, additional costs should be expected. The PLN 0 loan is an offer that allows you to build financial credibility both in the eyes of a specific lender and other entities (information about paid liabilities can be processed in databases in the form of positive entries).

The advantages of fast payday loans

The advantages of fast payday loans

Instant readers are popular loans offered by non-bank companies. As the name suggests, these are short-term loans. However, they are characterized by slightly different characteristics than installment loans or bank loans. What are the advantages of quick payday loans?

  • A wide variety of offers on the market – more and more non-bank companies offer quick payday offers on attractive terms.
  • The range of loan amounts – it can be 50 zlotys, several hundred zlotys or even several thousand zlotys.
  • Waivers without BIK – sometimes you do not need to have a positive credit rating to get a quick loan. Not all non-bank companies verify their clients in economic information databases.
  • Some loan companies are forgiving for clients who are late in paying off their debts. They offer, among others extending the loan repayment period or credit holidays.
  • Minimum formalities – in most cases, you can get a loan on your account the same day. Some companies also offer payday loans in 15 minutes.
  • Loan for free – free payday loans are on offer from the majority of lenders operating in our market.
  • Poor credit history does not disqualify the client – some loan companies are ready to take the risk and lend money to people who have had difficulties in repaying previous liabilities.

Moments online – how to choose the best one?

Moments online - how to choose the best one?

Before we take out a loan, we should decide what amount and lending period we are interested in. The next step is to check the cost of the loan – in this case, it may be helpful to compare the online loans. Also in the weekly rankings you can find information on the offers of various non-bank companies. Only then can we finally decide which loan to choose and fill out the form.

High lender positions in online loan rankings are not accidental. Occasional rankings is a list of offers that includes customers opinion. Positive reviews of a given loan company may therefore favor a lender placing a high place in the ranking.

Moment – a loan for everyone?

Moment - a loan for everyone?

A quick payday online is a solution for people facing unexpected expenses. It is necessary to be wise – if we have to borrow, let us borrow exactly as much as we need. Analyzing lenders’ offers is very important. Only then will it be possible to choose a loan on the most favorable terms.

Some lenders have some restrictions on their clients. The standard is to have Polish citizenship, identity card and to reside on the territory of Poland. In addition, some companies introduce age limits (eg a loan from the age of 21).

In case of a need for a larger cash injection, it is worth considering another solution, eg an installment loan. Ranking of installment loans will help you find the best offer.