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Although people have been taking out loans for a very, very long time, few people know how to solve this process really comfortably and efficiently. There are still many who are wise to start looking at real estate ahead of time, and that’s really a good thing. Then they fall in love with the first or second real estate to such an extent that they spin everything up and immediately make a bid. This makes the situation very difficult financially. Please read the following carefully.

Patience can be gold

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No matter how difficult it may seem, we need accurate and precise planning before a 20-25 or even 30-year financial commitment . Whether it’s $ 20,000 a month or $ 150,000 a month. We need to build up how we will have the right housing for our borrowing, look at how much credit we are entitled to, and the real estate must meet not only our expectations but also those of the banks. This cannot be compiled overnight.

The first step is to build it yourself. We can plan ahead with the securities account , the home savings fund and, to some extent, the NOK . They also carry some kind of state support, which we write about here.

Credit pre-qualification

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A very important and beneficial feature is the credit pre-qualification . This process is about going into the bank and completing the personal borrowing process. We bring in the official bank notes, the voucher issued by your company, and so on, so that you don’t have the real estate we are buying yet.

This will help us know exactly how much credit we can borrow and at what parameters. We are free to look at the effect of a change in maturity on our repayments and the amount we can charge. In fact, we are even given a clue as to how much real estate and real estate worth thinking about, that we can borrow without bones. What’s more, banks store this for us for up to half a year, so you don’t have to repeat this process to save yourself time.

So, to sum it up, getting the right home loan and credit rating is the key to getting the best deal out of borrowing. If you have any questions, please contact us! With our experts, borrowing will not be complicated, but as simple as possible.