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How well an insurer really is usually only turns out to be the case when damage has occurred or customers have questions about their contract . Therefore, before taking out insurance it is not only important to check the price-performance ratio, but also to ensure that the provider convinces with its customer-friendliness . In two tests for private liability insurance and home contents insurance, ServiceValue has now chosen the most fair insurer.

That’s why liability insurance is so important

Hardly any insurance is as indispensable as the private liability insurance. Because this jumps in, if the own behavior third suffer a damage. For example, if an insured person drops an acquaintance’s brand-new cell phone and it breaks, the liability insurance will replace the cost of the repair. Even more important is the protection against personal injury . After all, lifelong obligations may arise in the event of serious injuries, for example as a result of a bicycle accident involving several people.

Liability insurance in fairness comparison: nine times very good

In the event of damage, liability insurance regulation should be easy . Insured persons also need good customer service or excellent advice when it comes to contract modifications or questions about insured benefits. According to the ServiceValue liability test from September 2017, ten providers are achieving a very good overall result. They offer fair tariff benefits, good customer communication and attractive value for money. Particularly noteworthy is CosmosDirekt . The insurer not only achieves a very good overall rating, but also scores top marks in all subcategories. Other test winners include AachenMünchener, Allianz, Continentale, LVM, Mecklenburgische, Provinzial Rheinland, Württembergische and Zurich.

Household insurance for 2017: Seven offers with best result

Even a new household insurance can recommend, if the previous is too expensive or underachieving . The current test from October 2017 reveals that most of the 33 companies tested in an emergency, quickly and easily regulate the damage. This could be, for example, a ruined parquet floor due to leaked water from a defective washing machine, or the damage caused by a burglar, fire or storm.

Among the best of the fair household insurers, only the DEVK can achieve a very good score in the household contents insurance test in all categories. In addition, Allianz and VGH score very good results in six of the seven areas examined.

In the overall result, nine household insurers play in the front rank , for example:

Service: You want to secure your household even better in 2017? With Hausratversicherung Vergleichrechner you can quickly and easily compare numerous offers and find a suitable rate.

Update 8 December 2017: Where interested parties can secure themselves very well in 2018, the Handelsblatt has been examined by the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg. Eleven of the almost 40 fares are doing very well. The best household insurance 2017 comes from Medium (“Premium”), followed by Basler (“Ambiente Top”) and InterRisk (“XXL”). Of the household insurance test winner of ServiceValue only Ammerländer (“Exclusive Protection”) is among the top rates again. The latest comparison shows how important it is to compare different rates online in order to find the best value for money home contents insurance.